5/31/14 – 6/6/14

Forgive the absence of blogs. We were down in New Orleans for a while, rocking Jazz Fest. Suffice to say it was awesome. Returning home, we all took turns getting sick. Luckily we had a little time off the road to recuperate, and now we are back! We pick up in NYC, where recently we returned to rock a hometown show at Bowery Ballroom. The turnout was great, the crowd was raring to go. It is always so fun to see our hometown folks. I look out from behind the drums, scanning the audience, and see faces I recognize from five years ago at Rockwood stage 1. Seems like an eternity, and yet the years flow along. Here are a bunch of fun pictures from that night:

If you look closely at that last picture, you’ll notice that Brian’s face is morphing into that of a demon.

After Bowery, we had a few days of rest before driving up to Albany to open up for Living Colour! What a bunch of badasses! They rocked the Plaza and it was a true honor to share the stage with them. Arleigh even got up there and sang on one of their closing songs!

The next day, we decamped to Brian’s parents house where we spent the day relaxing and rehearsing. We even worked up a new tune! Brian’s mom cooked an amazing dinner and we watched the first game of the NBA finals. The next morning we drove to Norfolk, CT and played Infinity Hall, one of the nicest rooms on the east coast. Beautiful old wood and seating pews.

Finally, Saturday, it was time to get our Mountain Jam on. What an amazing festival! Arleigh has been nine (9!) years in a row. It truly feels like home.

Here’s a fun shot of the crowd. What a glorious day! Sunshine and tunes.

Also, the festival was being live streamed on tourpedo.com, so friends and fans all around the world were able to tune in.

After our set, we ran over to Healey stage and played a set of Zeppelin tunes with the youngsters in the Paul Green Rock Academy, based in Woodstock. Man, those guys can play! We were blown away by their professionalism and talent. Also, they learned a few of our songs and Arleigh took turns singing verses with their singers!


Later that night as Gov’t Mule played, wowing the crowd of thousands, a group of fire-eaters spat flames into the night sky. Mountain Jam, we love you.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned, as we are just getting started on our big ‘ol Summer Tour!

As always, thank you for taking this journey with us,


Yr friend,