March 18th to April 1st, 2014

After SXSW, we settled down to the remaining four shows of that tour. New Orleans, Little Rock, Nashville and St. Louis.

We did some much needed laundry in New Orleans

And then got down on some Verti Mart sandwiches.

The next day we took some time and sat on a tree swing, overlooking offshoots of the Mississippi delta.

After Little Rock, Arleigh, Jax, and Phil all woke up and put on their 9:30 club shirts. We swear it was an accident.

The final show of the run was in St. Louis. We drove through a beautiful, bug-stained windowshield-watched sunset. What an amazing crowd that night! We played for a full two hours, including three encores.

And then the next morning, we woke up and drove seventeen hours home to Brooklyn. Phil and I did the whole drive. Just the two of us. Phil started off the day, driving from St. Louis to halfway through Ohio. And then we switched positions and just kept right on going. I drove from midway through Ohio all the way home. Rolled into town around 2am. We had left at 8am central time.

After being in straight up Springtime for a few weeks, it was surreal to roll back into NYC and for it to still be Winter in the Northeast. Jackets and scarves and snowfall and complaints about the weather. Nothing like home.

After a few days off, we did a Northeast weekend run. Played Fall Rivers, MA, Mount Snow, VT and Portsmouth, NH.

In Vermont, they gave us ski rentals and day passes and Brian, Ryan, Phil and I went skiing.

Portsmouth was an amazing show. Packed house, people singing along.

It was bittersweet, however, because it was Ryan Snow’s last show with us. He is taking a sabbatical from the group to pursue a law degree, hoping to fight for democracy and social justice. We will all miss him deeply. He has been a part of this family since before the band even existed. He has been involved in arranging every single song. He has been a part of every single moment of insanity and fulfillment. Through every challenge and through every day. We wish him nothing but the best. Also, he helped edit these blogs for the past three years, providing delightful insight and constant companionship in storytelling.

God bless the man.

The man himself.

Now, we are in the middle of a twenty hour sprint across the country to start another tour in Lincoln, NE. We are missing Ryan, but have taken on a new soundman, Lucas Tecun. There are a thousand exciting things on the horizon. Just now, we received some amazing news about a festival (unfortunately can’t share yet!).

As always, thank you all for taking this journey with us!

Yr friend,