March 5th, 2014 to March 12th, 2014

There’s going to be a slightly different format to these tour blogs moving forward. Now, instead of waiting for a month and then writing a short novel detailing whatever, I’ll be (to the best of my ability) keeping this as more of a “weekly update” sort of page. I’ll be compiling whatever video blogs Brian has made. Throwing in some pictures or tweets that I found funny. Telling some behind the scene type stories. Deal? Deal. The good news is: this means there will be many, many more blogs this year than last. They might be shorter, but they will be more consistent. A’ight then:

First, let’s all appreciate a job well done:

We left Brooklyn early Wednesday morning, March 5th. Have you ever wondered what it is like to get up and out of New York City with eight people? Well, luckily, Brian Graham put together a really fun video that chronicles a typical first day of tour. Hope you enjoy:

That first day we were in the van for almost nine hours. Driving south, trying to flee the winter. It has been a long, hard winter in the northeast. Storm after storm. Snow piling up. We were beyond happy to be heading south.

One of the perks of playing music and traveling is getting a chance to meet other musicians out on the road. When we played the Flood City Music festival last fall, we were fortunate enough to meet the guys in Snarky Puppy. They played right before us on one of the stages and then we hung out for the better part of the night, trading travel stories, talking shop, laughing. Michael league is one of the hardest working, most talented, professional guys out there. To see all those guys win a Grammy for their song with Lalah Hathaway was such an inspiration to us. A reminder that hard work DOES pay off. A reminder to keep to the grind. Anyways, somewhere a day or so before we left, Sasha realized that Snarky Puppy was playing a show that first Wednesday night in Raleigh, NC. We have dear, dear friends in the area (shout out to Shea and Louis!) and, after calling Michael and making sure it was cool for him to put us all on the guest list, we left Brooklyn knowing that we would see an amazing show that night!

The next night was the first show of the tour, playing at the Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC. We thought we had outrun the cold, but alas, it started snowing right as we were doing sound check. As Jackson so aptly put it the night before when Josh was driving south, “Josh! You’re not driving fast enough! There’s still snow on the ground!” Asheville is a beautiful city. In the mountains, smoky wind and air.

Jen, in Atlanta, is perhaps our most amazing fan. You guys are all amazing, but Jen makes us personalized gift baskets every time we come to town! Last time, knowing we were all obsessed with Breaking Bad, she had BB-themed bags with fake money and blue meth-looking candy. When we rolled in the other day, she had prepared a bag for everyone complete with their name, pictures of famous people who played their instrument, and a bunch of lyrics from our songs all printed out and pasted on to the bags. What?

The next day, we finally found Springtime! It has been a long, long cold winter. We were so ecstatic to wake up and just bask in the sunlight. Walking through a park in downtown Atlanta. Dogs running around, beautiful women gliding by on roller skates. People smiling and laughing. What a wonderful world it is when people get to take off their jackets.

We played in Knoxville, home of Cormac McCarthy, and then the next day had a rehearsal day/day off in Nashville.

We stopped by Jon and Lisa Bell’s place, where they fed us and saved us from the mighty terror of HulkSpidermanWolverine!

After Nashville, we drove an entire day down to Austin. Here we are, getting ready to rock SouthxSouthWest. The city explodes with an influx of bands and funny haircuts and Sprinter vans all trying to find the one single parking space. Wish us luck. More to come next week. As I said, I’ll try and post one every week – hopefully every Wednesday, so keep a look out!

Thanks for taking this ride with us.

Yr friend,