We just had $11,000 worth of our gear stolen. Early in the morning of November 23, five of our instruments were taken from our van parked in Brooklyn, NY. If you have any information about the whereabouts of any of these items – or you see them for sale anywhere – please contact us.
Sasha Brown at 646-867-3272 /
Josh Myers at 617-529-4936 /
NYPD: Detective Zambito, NYPD 70th District 718-851-5537 – Complaint 9218

Download a 1 page flyer pdf of the missing items here: stolengear.pdf

UPDATE: after many requests, we are now accepting donations to offset our costs. Please see this post.

Cannonball Baritone Saxophone
-Value: $6,000
-Serial #131800
-Big Bell Series, Polished black-nickel body/silver-plated keys

(2) custom-made Bill Street mouthpieces
Value: $250/each

Michael Manning custom baritone saxophone case
-Value: $1,100
-The wheels were taken off of this case, so there is visible hole where the axle for the wheels would be as shown in the photo below right

1975 Fender Precision Bass
-Value: $2,000
-Serial # 609697
-Characteristics: 1975 Fender Precision Bass maple neck on a 1980s Japanese P-Bass-style ash body with a natural finish, no lacquer on the back of the neck and a *VERY DISTINCTIVE REPAIR ON THE BACK OF THE NECK WHERE IT MEETS THE HEADSTOCK*

Fender Stratocaster electric guitar
-Value: $800
-Serial: MN4137034
-cherry apple red with white pickguard
-Pickup selector tip is missing and bent;
-very tall metal “perfect nut” on headstock, set up to play slide guitar on

No brand name “stratocaster”-type electric guitar
-Value: $800
-cream with white pickguard
-headstock has no brand name or text of any kind; has 1 string tree
-GraphTech bridge saddles
-Volume & Tone knobs are distinctive – blank flat white top with rubber skirts

Ovation Celebrity acoustic electric guitar
-Value: $600
-wooden leaves inlay on guitar body as seen below

Monocase Vertigo Bass case
-Value: $200

Monocase M80 Dual Electric Case
-Value: $315
-carries two electric guitars

(2) Shubb Talon guitar stands
-Value: $30/each