The Washington Times posted a thoughtful review of our show earlier in the month at DC’s famed 9:30 Club. It’s gratifying to read that what we’re trying to do comes across successfully, on the best nights…

Here’s a few things the reviewer had to say about Sister Sparrow:

“Once she’s front and center, the band’s show is transformed into a whirlwind blast of energy”

“an undeniably dynamic stage performer”

“it’s hard to comprehend just how powerful her voice is in comparison to her surprisingly slight build”

“a vocal instrument that’s deep, husky, and at times overpowering, in the way that some of the best Southern soul vocalists can be when they’re at the top of their game”

And about The Dirty Birds:

“a northern band that puts its own, unique, signature spin on a classic southern sound”

“clearly demonstrated the band members’ collective ability to hold the audience’s attention and then some”

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